Sunday, May 16, 2010

Found Squirrels: Nicaragua Edition

So my friend J was here a few weeks ago, visiting from Nicaragua where she is working as a Peace Corps volunteer. She mentioned that she had an awesome photo of a squirrel to send me, and of course I was pleased to hear this.

I have received many awesome squirrel things via the email. But this is probably the best the one yet, and certainly the most unusual.

Guys, the squirrel is ON A LEASH and SITTING ON HIS SHOULDER. It's his little friend! His little pet! It's every fantasy I've ever had about squirrel ownership all rolled up into a photo!

(I will note here that all the research I have done about keeping a squirrel as a pet has indicated that they do not make good pets unless you enjoy having the shit scratched out of your furniture and your self every day.)

Now to be fair, the squirrel looks a little freaked out. And a little skanky. Both of these characteristics are common for animals/pets in Nicaragua, as I recall. But wow, I am still jealous of this kid. And so thankful that J has opened up this new world of possibility to me.

Squirrel leash. Why didn't I think of it first?

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