Tuesday, June 22, 2010

This is still not a knitting blog.

So I recently took up crocheting, which seems (at least in knitting circles) to be the older, dirtier, and less popular sister of knitting. I kind of like it, because it's REALLY easy and moves along very quickly. I finished my first crocheting project a few weeks ago, a sushi scarf!

When rolled, it looks like a nice maki roll, with fish on the inside, caviar around that, and some sort of green thing (avocado? celery?) stuck in there. Of course, when you unroll it it just looks like some crazy color-blind person's crochet project.

Yeah, not very attractive. I made it for my friend M (of the swing blog; you remember him) who loves sushi and give it to him when he was here a few weekends ago. I do not expect him to actually wear it, for the record. It was a great first crochet project, and I think it's pretty awesome.

The pattern can be found here if anyone is interested.


  1. I love it :) it's been quite a hit here in Seattle.

  2. Please can I have one for Jesse? I will pay you the cash monies for it. My crocheting skills are miniscule.