Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Listen to the Squirrels

I left my office today to get some fresh air during lunch. I went through the nearby park because I like to admire the fat little fuzzy squirrels who inhabit it. As I walked through, I noticed the squirrels were going a little crazy. They were making that disturbing chattering noise that they make when they're upset, and they were all standing totally still.

"What's wrong, little squirrels?" I asked. And that's not a lie. I actually said that to one of the squirrels.

I finally figured out what they were all looking at.

This hawk was just hanging out in the bushes nearby. And this photograph is just barely zoomed in. I was probably three feet away from him. He was very, very intense.

If I hadn't paid attention to the squirrels I would have walked right by him.


  1. Whoah! Odd that it was hanging out on the ground like that next to you.

  2. Yeah, and I have no idea what he was doing just hanging out like that.