Saturday, November 21, 2009

Squirrel Sightings 5

People, there is nothing creepier than a stuffed squirrel. What was cute, charming, and sometimes vicious while alive simply becomes ridiculous when stuffed in death. And yet, when some squirrels go to the big Acorn Tree in the Sky, people sometimes want them stuffed and mounted for, I don't know, scientific purposes.

Take this marmot for instance (yes, a marmot is a type of squirrel... look it up, damnit!). I found this guy in Glacier National Park at the visitor center at Logan Pass. In life, he was probably a little fat, probably waddled a bit, and the tourists all had a good giggle at the round little marmot. He just looks like an idiot now, buck teeth all over the place and kind of unnaturally hunched over. Of course this didn't stop me from taking a picture of him, but I collect these sorts of things so I kind of have to. I have fans with expectations, you know.

These little ground squirrels actually turned out okay. They were kind of cute, still a little fat, and the taxidermist captured their beady little black eyes brilliantly. Still creepy, in my opinion.

I love squirrels, but I would never allow a dead squirrel into my house and I would certainly never use it as decoration. Live squirrels are a totally different story. Someday B is going to return from work and discover the apartment in total disarray, scratch marks all over the walls, and me in the corner clutching a terrified squirrel. It isn't going to be pretty, but it will be a whole lot prettier than these poor dead squirrels from Montana!

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