Thursday, December 31, 2009

Squirrel Stuff I Own: Knit Squirrel

I know I mentioned before that I recently learned how to knit (this is not a knitting blog!) and that I learned this new skill from my friend L, who has been knitting for years and makes some really fantastic stuff. I asked her to knit me a squirrel friend, and this is what recently appeared in my arms.

Please note his adorable fatness! The stuffing has settled near his hips, giving him delightful little love handles and he is just oh so squirrely! I am also a fan of his perfectly white little belly! He was in our living room for a while, but had to be moved to make way for my nativity set. Now he perches atop our dresser, snuggling with the Haverford black squirrel, and watches us as we sleep. Sigh... he is just the cutest thing.

Thanks, L!

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  1. Dear Casey,
    I'm scouring the net looking for squirrel ideas for I am expecting a baby in July and we've been calling it 'Squirrel' whilst it's in the womb and I really want to knit a squirrel for it and I love the little squirrel your friend L knitted, and all your squirrel posts, what a lovely site, very inspiring, now I'm spoilt for choice!!
    We have so many squirrels on our mooring, I shall try and capture them in action and post about it ( and send a finished picture of the one I make! Good luck with your new job! Don't give up on the search for a squirrel related one!! FBxx