Thursday, March 18, 2010

Found Squirrels: Bowery Savings Bank

Sorry to have let this blog fall into hibernation for so long! I ended up becoming employed again, and it appears that full-time employment takes up a lot of time! I also somehow found a job that does NOT involve me thinking about squirrels all day, which is a pity, really. If anyone hears of such a job please let me know.

Anyway, I am still alive and scampering around New York City, as is my habit. I now work in an area that has a huge squirrel population, and yet my first post back from my break is going to be about an inanimate squirrel.

Here he is! I found him on the Bowery Savings Bank, which is right by Grand Central. This is on the back of the building, on 41st Street, and I'm surprised I noticed it since he's placed so high above eye level. It's a terrible picture, and I apologize for that. This is actually above the back door, and 41st Street right there is a little weird and I think people were really confused about what I was taking a picture of. Anyway, despite the fact that this squirrel is a little creepy, it warms my heart that somewhere out there someone cared enough to carve him into a bank.

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  1. yes! you're back! i was going to complain.