Monday, March 22, 2010

New Calvary Cemetery

So our new apartment (not so new anymore, I guess) is located pretty close to a cemetery. Now, I come from the West, where cemteries aren't quite as old. I actually grew up pretty closet to a cemetery, but it's one of those that have only flat headstones, no cool sculpture, and not much character.

I am strangely attracted to cemeteries. It may be because there are squirrels.

But I also am intrigued by the sculptural programs and general types of art that surround death. This cemetery, New Calvary Cemetery in Queens, is Catholic (I think) and has particularly excellent sculpture. The addition of the votive items brought by living relatives makes it even more interesting.

Some of the sculpture is in really good shape, and some of it isn't. But even the stuff that isn't makes it all the more interesting. This is one of my favorite views from the cemetery.

The building on the left is the Empire State Building and the one on the right is the Chrysler Building. There are some truly fantastic city views from this cemetery, but this is not a place to rest for eternity if you actually want peace and quiet. They've built a huge freeway over the cemetery and it creates a constant stream of noise.

I'm hoping to explore this cemetery, and the others in the neighborhood, a little more in the coming year. Did you know that there are more dead people in Queens than living people? It's true. The real question, though, is how many undead are there?

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