Saturday, January 8, 2011

Squirrel Stuff I Own: Christmas Squirrels

So I think I've mentioned in my blog before that B and I have a couple of nieces on his side. They're very cute, and are now all old enough to talk and chatter and say funny things and just generally be small, entertaining people. They are also enthusiastic supporters of my love for squirrels. When we lived near them back in the summer of 2009 they would frequently spot a squirrel out a car window or off the back deck and scream, "Auntie C! It's a skoo-werl!!! Do you see the skoo-werl!?!?!"

I have suggested to B that he would do well to adopt that level of enthusiasm for rodents, but so far his involvement is just patient support of my weirdness.

But I digress. The point is, often the children will acquire squirrel items for me (because they know I will love them) and happily give them to me.

This was part of our Christmas present this year! They're supposed to be ornaments, but the little threads to hold them to the tree fell off. One was for B (the green one, I think) and one was for me, but B promptly regifted his so I'm now the proud owner of both sparkly, magnificent little squirrels (with hats!). And of course the nieces were SO delighted to give them to me. I'm hoping that this will influence a lifelong love of rodents in all of them.

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