Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Squirrel Stuff I Own: November 1995 National Geographic

So as I may have mentioned before, I got some good squirrel stuff for my birthday (most of it from my mother, it seems!). This one is particularly exciting.

What's that you say? "But Casey, what do fish have to do with squirrels?" Well, my little friends, behold the table of contents, what is that on page 98? An article titled "In Praise of Squirrels"?!?!

This is a great article. It was written by a woman who spends 78% of daylight hours observing her squirrel friends in her backyard. She has named them, and regularly feeds them and observes their interactions while eating. She feeds walnuts to her favorite one. She is living my dream.

Of course the article isn't just squirrel anecdotes; she beefs it up with lots of interesting facts about squirrels. And the pictures are wonderful!

Baby squirrels! Of course this magazine is from 1995, which is the most interesting part. There is an advertisement for Windows 95! And all the pictures of cars are clearly dated. It's fantastic on so many levels.

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  1. I need to go find a copy of that NatGeo. Oh my. Cute overload.