Monday, December 13, 2010

Squirrel Stuff I Own: Squirrel Stamps

I went to the post office today to buy stamps for my Christmas cards, and recalled that I had completely forgotten to post about an excellent gift I received in the mail almost two months ago.

Squirrel stamps! (And a raccoon, a creature which seems cute in children's books but is actually completely terrifying in real life, or at least terrifying where I'm from because they're larger than most second graders, but we'll let that slide.)

You may be surprised to learn, despite my love of collecting (or squirreling, as I like to call it) that I do not collect stamps. This isn't to say that I don't appreciate stamps. I did just purchase beautiful angel stamps for my Christmas cards, and I'm a little giddy about them but my short attention span will ensure that I forget about them entirely in 48 hours. Stamps just don't have the consistent draw required for me to start a collection.

But squirrel stamps? Those are unforgettable. And so cute! Thanks very much to C and D who found these at a craft fair of some sort, thought to themselves, "Gee, don't I know somebody who loves squirrels?" and were thoughtful enough to send them to New York City to join my collection of squirrel items. You guys are awesome.

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