Monday, January 16, 2012

Birthday Squirrel Card Series - Part 2

It may not be obvious from the contents of this blog, but I am not just a big fan of squirrels. I am also an aficionado of all things rodentia, and an admirer of pretty much any fuzzy animal.

Except weasels. I really don't like weasels.

So I was very pleased to receive this card full of fuzziness from my friend G, and my woodland friends!

And it's even weasel-free!

I should perhaps note while we're on the subject that while I like raccoons in theory, I am generally terrified when I see one in real life. They look so cute in all the cartoons, but when you run into one in your backyard at 10 PM you realize that they are actually the size of a Panzer tank, and all you can do is walk very slowly back to the house and pray that the monster before you doesn't realize that you're holding a Tupperware container full of cat food. They love cat food.

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  1. The last raccoon I saw looked very cute and helpless.