Monday, January 30, 2012

The Rescuers

I watched The Rescuers the other night, you know, that Disney movie from I think 1977 about the mice?  I am actually a little too young for this particular movie, and was more familiar with The Rescuers Down Under which I think came out in the 1990s.  But I sure enjoyed watching the original the other day.

But wow, I realized that I am a sucker for rodents wearing tiny hats and tiny shirts.  And not only do they have tiny hats and shirts and tiny umbrellas, they also have a tiny United Nations of their own!  And it's here in the regular-sized human United Nations in New York City!  So cute!  I may or may not have squealed with glee, I'll leave that to your imagination.

Also, I now have a picture similar to this as my lock screen on my iPhone and it never fails to bring me joy when I look at it.

I have a rodent problem.

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