Sunday, February 5, 2012

Found Squirrels: Santa Squirrel Selling His Sole for Shoes

He he, do you see what I did there?  Yeah, you do.

My new iPhone has really revolutionized the way I record squirrel stuff sightings, in a crazy way.  I used to struggle to find squirrel things to post about, and now I continually have a backlog of squirrely bits for my blog!  How is a full-time employed hermit woman supposed to keep up?!

I found this squirrel on the door of a running store (or maybe it's just a shoe store?) in Manhattan before Christmas.  I'm not particularly fond of this example of squirrels in advertising, as it appears the squirrel is either dead or "crunk," as B would say.  I recommend my treatise on the HP printer squirrel if you're interested in seeing what I think is a fantastic use of a squirrel in advertising.

Madison Avenue, take note.

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