Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Found Squirrels: Creepy Bike Squirrel

Although I really dislike crowds, especially in Midtown Manhattan, I do always enjoy seeing the holiday windows in New York City.

And I especially enjoy the particularly whimsical and nonsensical windows, like this one, where we see a squirrel inexplicably riding a penny-farthing bicycle over the roofs of various townhouses whilst wearing a Santa hat.  I mean, why not?

Today, on a hunch, I went back to my folder full of photos from my previous phone, and finally figured out why this window seemed so familiar.  

I took this photo during my holiday window viewing in December of 2009, and I'm pretty sure this is the exact same squirrel!  Either that or multiple stores own copies of this squirrel riding a bicycle, which would just be odd.  

1 comment:

  1. I bet you are only the only person to notice their stuffed squirrel re-use. Note how they tried to disguise it by making him face the other way and don a hat...