Friday, September 11, 2009

But Casey, why were you in Ohio?

That's an excellent question. As it turns out, we had a wedding in Ohio to attend last weekend and therefore our presence was required in the great state of Ohio.

The wedding was fantastic. The bride is a Hindu, and the groom a Catholic, and so they had separate ceremonies and receptions for each, with the Hindu ceremonies in the morning and the Catholic ceremony in the evening. The Hindu ceremonies had a red theme, and the bride wore a beautiful red sari and mounds of gold jewelry. She looked spectacular.

Unfortunately I try to not post pictures of people's faces on my blog so you'll have to instead admire the pretty centerpiece and table number. And the red can of Pepper, MD.

Oh and I did I mention that the lunch reception was Indian food only? Full disclosure here: I have never liked Indian food much, so I wasn't very excited about this reception, but wow. I've really changed my mind about Indian food. I loved almost everything I tried.

The dessert was especially good (it's that little brown bar on the lower left) and we never found out what it was called. Also, there was a dish that had large chunks of cheese in it. It's not in the picture because I inhaled it before I managed to get my camera out.

The Catholic ceremony was also lovely, as was the reception. Also, there was a new color theme for this ceremony and reception, a nice green and yellow and black.

And we changed table numbers. Crazy, eh? It was really like attending two separate weddings in one day. All in all it was a fantastic day for all of us guests, and definitely worth the little side trip to Ohio!

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  1. Was the cheesy dish GREEN? If so, I bet it was Palak Paneer, which is my favorite thing EVER.