Sunday, September 13, 2009

Post-Minnesota - What I've Been Doing

Oh, you know, the usual. Reading other people's blogs while I neglect my own. Playing piano in the mornings and drinking way too much coffee. Watching old Star Trek movies on the VCR. Oh, all those things and HOLDING A BABY SQUIRREL!

It was the best day of my life. Okay, well, my wedding day probably technically ranks higher than the day I first held a baby squirrel, but still. It was an amazing three minutes in my life. I should mention that I was able to hold this little squirrel because he was rescued by some close family friends. He and his brother are being kept in a cage and fed every 3 hours by this family destined for sainthood, and we happened to show up around feeding time. They're absolutely adorable, with tiny little bushy tails and soft fur and tiny little ears. Perfect specimens of squirrelness!

Besides holding squirrels, B and I have been preparing for our upcoming honeymoon, also known as our roadtrip also known as our first anniversary trip. We're efficient like that. I think I've posted a picture of our chosen vehicle for this trip, my mother's Volkswagon Westaflia Vanagon. I've spent quite a bit of time in the last few days stuffing it full of camping and cooking gear.

Luckily the van (or "Westy" as I've been affectionatly calling her) has lots of good storage space so I think we're going to be very comfortable.

Oh, and I've been purchasing beer of the appropriate theme for our honeymoon.

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