Saturday, September 5, 2009

Macalester Wedding!

As I mentioned in my post yesterday, a pair of friends from Macalester were married last weekend. I don't know if others find this to be true, but I've noticed that in our post-college existence we've become mighty dependent on weddings to bring our group of friends back together. We've still got plenty of friends left to tie the knot, but I'm already concerned about the day when we run out of college weddings. What will we do then? I guess we'll just have to attend reunion every five years.

The ceremony was held in a little church in a strange part of downtown Saint Paul.

The inside of the church was just gorgeous, but my camera doesn't do well in lower light so you'll have to make do with the pictures from the outside. I was very pleased to see how they did the ceremony. Both the bride and groom stood at the altar with the officiant, and both sets of parents and siblings stood right there with them. The parents wrote beautiful things to say to the two of them and it was quite touching. Later, as they bride and groom exited the church, we tossed lavender at them, which smelled wonderful. I thought that was a nice touch.

Later the reception was held on the U of M campus and it was a mighty classy affair! I pretty much devoured the entire plate of artichoke dip that greeted me at the entrance (I'm getting hungry just thinking about it). They had a great selection of hosted beer, and they had some particularly fun signature cocktails, including this little espresso drink. Note the coffee beans floating in it!

I didn't partake because I don't drink liquor, but I loved watching the little coffee beans float around.

They also had beautiful centerpieces, in my opinion. Very country cottage but incredibly elegant at the same time.

I admit, though, that I never noticed centerpieces at weddings until I got married. Now that I've planned a wedding I notice all sorts of details at other weddings that I would've never noticed before.

This was a wonderful wedding, and we're so happy for A and B (particularly happy for them that they never have to plan a wedding ever again!) and so pleased to have been there on their special day.

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