Friday, September 11, 2009

When did this become a food blog?

So we were in Ohio last weekend and had a chance to try some tasty Ohio meals.

Have you been to Ohio? I had driven through before, but never stopped to say hello. We were in the Cincinnati area too, which was completely new to both of us. We both like to sample the regional flavors when we visit new places (see the Florida post about food), and so we set off in search of some Cincinnati cuisine.

Our first stop was Skyline Chili, the fast food of choice for citizens of Cincinnati. It's not really fast food, at least not to me, because they have a seating area with table service. They also bring you oyster crackers when you get there.

They are famous for, obviously, their chili. We sampled some chili fries, among other things, and the chili was way different than any other I've tried. Also they put tons of cheese on top. TONS OF CHEESE. Even more cheese than I would put on something and I'm cheese-crazed!

Next we tried what was advertised to us as the best ice cream in the United States. Graeter's Ice Cream was started in the Cincinnati area and is made using the "French pot" method or something like that. I read about it in the pamphlet at the store but am too lazy to go look it up online and verify that fact. Sorry.

The greatest thing about Graeter's was their chocolate chips. They put giant chips in their ice cream and they're tasty and melt in your mouth.

I had peanut butter chip ice cream. It was very good, although I would hesitate to call this the best ice cream in the country. I actually had some Mitchell's Ice Cream in San Francisco earlier this summer and it was definitely one of the Ten Best Things I've Ever Eaten.

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