Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Weekend

Well, I think it was around this time last year that I started this terrific little blog. It seems to me my first post was about kosher soda and my second post was about Easter and how it's a real non-holiday for us non-family-oriented non-churchgoing types.

It makes me wonder, are holidays pretty much just for kids? If all of a sudden the human race lost the ability to reproduce would we cease celebrating holidays once there was nobody under the age of 20 left?

But I digress. I wanted to post about our little trip out to Forest Hills Gardens in Queens. I was still recovering from whatever cold/flu took me down last week and B was already getting sick so we weren't really up for a big, exciting Saturday.

We rode the bus out to Forest Hills Gardens, which is a nice little "cottage community" in Queens. It was really, really hard to believe that we were still in New York City. Does this look like New York City to you?

No, no it does not. This looks like a quiet little street in Saint Paul, Minnesota! We thought it was just crazy. We walked around for a long time, just generally exploring, and staring in wonderment at all the single family detached housing! And the yards! And green grass!

They also had this cool relief sculpture erected in honor of men who had lost their lives in World War I. I'm a sucker for relief sculpture, so here it is.

And of course we saw tons of squirrels, but most of them were way too quick for me to take a good picture. We did run across one little guy in front of the local library who was chowing down on a nice cache of nuts somebody had left for him. So I finally got a decent picture of a squirrel.

Although as far as squirrels go, he's not the cutest speciment. You know how the judges in the dog shows have to judge the dogs based on their ear length and their gait and all sorts of other things? Well I feel like I'm becoming an expert in judging squirrels and I have my own set of criteria regarding fatness and bushiness of tails that has to be met before a squirrel can be deemed highly cute. Somebody please sign me up to be a judge at the next American Rodent Club competitions.

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  1. I had no idea there were parts of Queens like that! Although I had no idea there were parts of Queens like your neighborhood. Clearly I have little idea of what lies beyond Manhattan.