Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Squirrel Stuff I Don't Own: Awesome Squirrel Bag

So I have a friend R who lives here in the city, and it turns out that she has a special gift. The gift of attracting squirrel lovers to her! Not only am I friends with her, it turns out she has another friend, L, who also loves squirrels and collects squirrel items!

Hi, L! We should be friends!

Anyway, R emailed the other day to tell me about this friend, and she attached a wonderous picture of a wonderous object owned by L, a squirrel bag!

Now THAT, my friends, is a bushy tail done right! I love the styling of this squirrel, he's very slightly anime, and almost cat-like. And how often do you see squirrel objects with a bounding squirrel? Not frequently! The vast majority of my squirrel stuff is a squirrel sitting on its haunches eating a nut. Which makes a wonderful profile, for sure, but this squirrel bag really captures the essence of squirrel, the crazy energy and cuteness that makes me love them so.

Addendum: L wanted me to mention that this bag is made by Bolsa Bonita. I just went to their website and they have a whole variety of these squirrel bags in different colors! Aaaahh! I may have to get one of my own!

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