Sunday, April 4, 2010

Folks all say we are the cutest two!

I want to blog today about the very first squirrels I ever loved, a pair of chipmunks called Chip and Dale. You may be familiar with them as rescue rangers, but my sister and I came to know them first as just simple chipmunks whose only goal in life was to store up enough nuts for the winter and annoy Donald Duck as much as possible while doing so.

We watched a lot of Chip and Dale as kids. I think we had a copy of one of Disney's Chip and Dale collections so we were very familiar with several of their shorts, almost all of which involved poor Donald Duck. I've never seen anyone else so tortured by squirrels!

One of my favorites was the one in which Chip and Dale live in Donald Duck's chimney and they come down into the house to steal pancakes from him. The episode ends with the assistance of a rubber cement pancake, some well-placed butter, and a not-very-politically-correct depiction of Donald Duck as a person of Chinese descent.

Another one of my favorites is Out of Scale, wherein Donald Duck is building a large village for his toy trains in his backyard. Everything has to be "to scale" and he removes Chip and Dale's tree because it's "out of scale." They take up residence in one of the tiny model homes and Donald decides that they are "just right" to live in the house.

I really got a kick out of Chip and Dale living in that tiny house and eating tiny sandwiches. I still get a kick out of it, actually. Quite a few of these shorts are on now, which has allowed me to revisit my youth in a pretty great way. I've even discovered some Chip and Dale shorts that I hadn't seen before!

Is this where my deep love of/appreciation for squirrels comes from? Or was this just my first outlet for my love of rodents in general? I'm not sure, but I do know that if anyone feels the need to buy me some Chip and Dale-themed items they should feel free to indulge said need.

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