Friday, April 9, 2010

Found Squirrels: The Last Unicorn

So while I'm busy being nostalgic for my childhood (see earlier post regarding Chip and Dale), I wanted to mention another place in my childhood entertainment where I've found a squirrel.

This screen shot is from the opening credits of what was probably my favorite childhood movie, The Last Unicorn.

Did anyone else watch this movie? My sister and I LOVED it and watched it whenever we could cajole our parents into renting it for us. A few years ago I rewatched the whole thing, and the movie itself was very familiar, yet very unfamiliar. I knew the cadence of the words spoken by the characters, but not the words themselves, and I always knew what sort of scene was coming up next (happy, sad, scary, etc.) but wasn't quite sure what would happen in that scene. Something in this movie deeply imprinted itself on my brain, and yet if you had asked me just five years ago, I could not really have explained the plot to you.

What one thing have I always remembered from the plot? The skeleton guy, who drinks a whole bottle of wine and the wine just runs through him. That dude used to show up in my scary dreams as a child a lot. In fact, he still does sometimes, although I am less terrified of him than I was previously.

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  1. Not only have I seen that movie, I currently own it, and also the soundtrack CD which I bought online from Germany when I was in high school. The cover says "Das Letzte Einhorn." Anyway, my weird obsessiveness is not the point. The point is, I totally remember that squirrel! And then he turns into still painting a second later. Oh, yes.

    Also, the wine-drinking skeleton is really not at all scary right up until the part where he gets horrible, terrifying red eyes. Then he's scary.