Thursday, April 23, 2009

Casey's Foods: Egg

One of my favorite things about my morning routine is my daily consumption of one boiled egg.

To be fair, there are a lot of things I enjoy about the morning. Coffee ranks pretty highly up there, and getting back from the gym and feeling completely disgusting and then jumping in the shower and feeling very very clean. Oh, and cereal! I love my cereal. But the most recent addition to my morning routine is, as I noted above, the consumption of one boiled egg.

I have actually hated boiled eggs for most of my life. This all changed when I went to Greece for the first time in 2004. The Greeks don't really believe in breakfast. They keep a more Mediterranean eating schedule which means that they don't start dinner until about 9 PM and don't finish dinner until around midnight. So the fact that a roomful of hungry archaeology students had to be fed at 6:30 AM was a bit mystifying to them. A staple of our meals in Greece was a basketful of boiled eggs. And as I have mentioned before, I hated boiled eggs. But working in the field moving large amounts of dirt every day meant that we needed energy, and the boiled egg was generally the only protein option on the table. Thus began my love affair with the boiled egg.

My boiled egg consumption was mostly confined to Greece until earlier this year when I read an interesting health and fitness report that said that people who consume one egg as part of their morning meal actually eat fewer calories at the end of the day than people who eat only carbs or sweets for breakfast. I was quite intrigued by this and have since added the egg to my daily routine.

I don't know if I'm actually consuming fewer calories throughout the day now, but I do know that I feel full longer after breakfast and that is certainly useful. (As much as I love my Multigrain Cheerios, my body burns through it really fast and I'm usually hungry just an hour later.)
I also know that my eggs have brought me great joy. Boiled eggs are so fun! They're cute and little and you can buy them in different colors! And then after you boil them you get to PEEL them, which I really shouldn't enjoy as much as I do. Then you get to eat them, and nibble your way down to the yolk and try to get bites with the right balance of whites and yolk. Mmmmm... I'm already fantasizing about tomorrow's egg.
I think the only way to wrap up this post is to direct you to this awesome video about eggs and why they should be loved. It's amazing.
See, I'm not the only egg-lover out there!


  1. Oh, Casey. You are my new favorite blogger. The sheer whimsy of your diction is just fantastic.

  2. Also the sheer whimsy of your egg-eating! :>) I too love a boiled egg in the morning . . . but I hate it when my egg-boiling schedule doesn't jive with my showering & dressing schedule, and I wind up with a gelatinous not-quite-boiled egg that won't peel correctly. Never a good sign for the rest of the day.

  3. I also eat a hard boiled egg for breakfast! It's one of the easiest and fastest ways to get protein for me in the morning. These days I bike into work, which is a pretty lengthy ride, and I swear the egg helps. Some days, when I'm feeling particularly hungry, I'll eat a quarter of an avocado and a boiled egg (sliced) on a piece of whole wheat toast. Healthy and super delicious.