Monday, April 13, 2009

Casey's Foods: Pesto Pasta

I love pesto. I love pesto on sandwiches, on pizza, on crackers, in my pasta, and mixed with all manner of dairy product. Here's some pesto porn:

Yup, that was dinner tonight. I boiled some whole wheat spaghetti noodles, tossed some pesto on it and I was in heaven. Of course I'm kind of a heathen in that I don't make my own pesto like the rest of the world. It's just that somehow fitting a food processor into my tiny, tiny kitchen doesn't really make much sense to me. Maybe next year I'll grow basil on our balcony (if we have one) and get a food processor (if we have space). Until then, I am single-handedly supporting the pre-made pesto industry.

I used to think that pesto was healthy. Then I looked at the nutrition facts and almost had a heart attack (mostly from all the fats I was consuming). It makes me sad that this perfect pasta topping is so fatty, but it makes sense because pretty much everything I love in life is either filled with or fried in fat. So, like an annoyingly clingy friend, I try to avoid pesto most of the time and generally walk by the pesto section of the grocery store without making eye contact with it or acknowledging its existence. But I am proud to say that this is a pesto week around here and damnit I'm enjoying this shit out of my pesto.


  1. Do you have a pesto brand recommendation? I haven't found any I like, and they're so expensive! You should try Rosetto brand pesto ravioli, which are frozen and delicious.

    PS. I heart your new blog!!!! Very nice and shiny.

  2. Before I got my food processor, I made pesto in a blender. It's quite doable - you just have to stop and scrape it down pretty frequently - and much tastier (and lower fat) than the stuff they sell. I don't use jarred pesto anymore unless I have to. If you want, I'm happy to share the recipe.