Thursday, April 30, 2009

Squirrel Stuff I Own: Porcelain Squirrel Figurine

This little guy is such a treasure! I received him as a gift from my roommate during my first year of college. He was a part of her grandmother's figurine collection but, as you can see, is missing an ear and so was downgraded to live in my little collection of squirrel stuff.

This particular squirrel friend was made by the Lomonosov Porcelain Factory, a well-known and well-regarded producer of fine ceramic products and figurines. Founded in Russia in the 1700s, they are still in business producing ceramic goods. They make all sorts of animal figurines, so those of you out there who may be obsessed with turtles or goats or parrots, check them out! I see a lot of their stuff on eBay (which is how I discovered this little dude's genealogy).

This squirrel sits on my bookshelf hanging out with the aforementioned squirrel ornament. They seem to be getting along well. But this guy is tiny and easy to miss and visitors often don't notice him. It's too bad really, he's just so charming, even with his missing ear.

You can purchase your very own matching squirrel figurine on eBay for only $10! I also discovered that this grey squirrel has a red squirrel figurine cousin for only $8... B, don't we have an anniversary or something coming up?

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