Monday, April 27, 2009

The pigs are after us!

So I imagine some of you have heard about the swine influenza sweeping the nation, in particular our New York City? Yes, it's true. I always knew those dirty pigs were after us. Luckily for me, squirrels can't acquire the swine flu so... wait, what's that, B? I'm not actually a squirrel? Oh. Right. Well then...

Where was I? Yes, swine flu. I am strangely unworried about this possible swine flu pandemic, although perhaps I should be. I am quite the hypochondriac, but for some reason pandemics don't particularly scare me. Maybe because my natural hermit inclinations make it unlikely that I will actually come in contact with another human being who could be carrying this disease.

That, and I stay well-hydrated.

B isn't too worried either. He went to do a little grocery shopping today and discovered a street fair on Broadway. Nice. Street fairs are, of course, the only place where we can get fried Oreos... so you know... that's kind of important.

And yes, he brought home more groceries than just the fried Oreos!

Anyway, I have two important announcements to make regarding this blog:
1. I've changed some settings and now anyone can comment without logging into their Google account. It would be nice if y'all signed your names, though, so I know who you are and whether or not I owe you money or cheese.
2. We're going to be having a very exciting double post sometime this week (I hope) and there will be a... wait for it... A SUPER SECRET GUEST BLOGGER! So keep coming back to look for it!


  1. Now, all I'm going to be able to think about all day is fried oreos. Mmmmm.

  2. I think you owe me both money AND cheese.