Thursday, August 13, 2009

Florida: The Scene

Faithful and Not-So-Faithful Readers, some of you may have noticed a distinct lack of posts in this here blog recently, with the exception of what one may term a "teaser post" containing just a picture and a few words.

Yes, it's true. The New York City Squirrel was in Florida last week. And it was fantastic.

Our friends A and J recently moved to Florida, and I've owed A a visit for... oh... like three years. They spent the first few days of their honeymoon with us, so we figured the least we could do was spend part of our first year of marriage with them.

They live on the panhandle of Florida, in the part often referred to as the Emerald Coast. And I know why it's called the Emerald Coast. Can you guess?

Okay, well that picture doesn't do it much justice, but the water is indeed a very beautiful shade of green. The sight of white sand nestled up against the green water which then touched the deep blue sky was just... it was amazing. I used many a pixel attempting to capture the essence of the place. Sadly, the color just doesn't translate into the digital camera.

So you'll just have to take my word for it that the water was fantastic (or you can go visit A and J yourselves, although those of you who don't know them may want to make friends before buying your plane ticket).

We spent a great deal of time throughout the trip on the beach. We swam in the Gulf of Mexico while it was extremely calm and full of fish, and also when it was extremely volatile and filled with waves. I can't believe that A and J get to live within just a few minutes of this place. Seriously.

Yes, there are my feet in the beautiful white sand. I spent a lot of time getting pictures like that too. I also spent a lot of time oohing and aahing over the tiny little seashells I found in the surf and in the sand. We did manage to come away from our visit with some nice color in our skin, although A and J were smarter and spent much of their time underneath their pretty rainbow umbrella.

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