Monday, August 3, 2009

Hamburger Specialists

I understand that many of my loyal readers are not from the Midwest or the Northeast. I am not from those places either, yet have spent the previous seven years of my life there. Despite this, I have managed to avoid eating White Castle for those many years. Not intentionally, mind you. I simply haven't had the opportunity.

We stopped at a White Castle on our way to B's family cabin this weekend. Everyone else in the car was astounded to learn that I had never been, and demanded that I join them in this foray. Of course there was a long period of heated discussion between the native Minnesotans over just what was the best way to eat these delicious little snacks.

I had mine with cheese. Which created another disussion among the Minnesotans about whether cheese belonged on White Castle burgers. And I had pickles, because pickles come on them automatically. I scored some extra pickles from B. Anyway, it's really funny how they come in their own little cheeseburger boxes. I actually enjoyed them; they were both tasty and adorable. And we all know how I love things that are the wrong size.


  1. my principal beef (har!) with white castle is the lack of ketchup on their burgers. seriously, who does that??

  2. mmmmm whiteys... I finally found my way to your blog... babies like sliders(with cheese)