Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A short post about beer.

We went to a little arts and crafts fair in a small town in Wisconsin while we were at B's family cabin last weekend. There was lots of cute stuff. Luckily, B and I live the hobo lifestyle these days, and so I simply cannot stand the thought of buying more crap that I would have to haul around for the next couple months. Yes, even jewelry.

Anyway, they were doing a beer tasting at this arts and crafts fair, and they happened to serve a most glorious beer.

Isn't that adorable? If I were a brewer, I would brew all types of squirrel beer. Fat Squirrel Porter, White Squirrel Lager, Black Squirrel Ale, etc. Sadly, I have no experience brewing beer, nor any real interest in the actual brewing process. I just want to paste the cute labels on the bottles, but I'm pretty sure they have machines that do that now.

Later that day we took some beer on a little trip to a relative's cabin on a different lake. I didn't want my little bottles rolling around on the floor of the van, so I strapped them in next to my mother-in-law's root beer schnapps.

Yup, we take our travels with beer very seriously. Those things are made of glass! They're like delicate flowers!

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