Thursday, July 9, 2009

Fourth of July

It was my first Fourth of July in my hometown in about seven years! I actually had a pretty fantastic day. I finished a puzzle that had been tormenting me for about three days.

Yeah, who puts pictures of their completed puzzles on their blog? Oh right, I do!

So for the Fourth we had bratwurst and potato salad and fruit salad, which was excellent. Then we spent quite a bit of time swimming down at our favorite local public water access site. My brother A and his girlfriend L came with us, and we found some great driftwood in the water which ended up providing much fun. My sister and I used to play with driftwood constantly when we were little. I forgot how much fun it can be.

Later that night we attempted to have a Star Wars marathon but we only got through New Hope and Empire Strikes Back. Actually I went to bed before the end of Empire. Sad, huh?

But the next morning we had to get up and head back to Seattle and fly to San Francisco to visit my sister. I managed to get a better view of the large glass wall in the Seattle airport. Note the typical grey Seattle weather outside!

We flew Virgin America, which was awesome. It was very strange to fly with my brother and mother. I usually fly alone or with B. in fact, I think this is the first time I've flown with my mother since 2004 when we went to Amsterdam together. So, you know, it's been a while.

So look for some posts in the next few days about our trip to San Francisco! It was a quick trip, but I managed to explore more of the city. More on that later!

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