Saturday, July 11, 2009

San Francisco, Day Two

Our second day in San Francisco involved no consulates nor any work! My mother was anxious to see the de Young museum, and there happened to be a special exhibit about King Tut so we went. It was very awesome and had lots of cool funerary things I had never seen before. Unfortunately, no pictures were allowed in the King Tut exhibit. We did go to the observatory level which provided excellent views of the city.

Then we wandered around a bit in the wing of American art. I really liked this particular painting, but had difficulty getting a good picture of it.

Then we went to the modern art section, which is always entertaining. I loved this giant glass fruit bowl.

This plastic/glass thing was really cool too, although also hard to capture with a camera.

After lunch at the museum we headed to the beach. Now, I grew up in a coastal state but we probably only made it to the ocean once every two years, maybe once a year for a while. I love the Pacific Ocean, even though it's incredibly cold and not exactly good for swimming. But wow, we kids used to spend hours playing in those waves until our lips were blue. So I have very fond memories of the Pacific. I was very excited to see it again. I took off my shoes and jumped right in, of course. And of course I ended up being wet and sandy, but I was prepared to make that sacrifice.

Sigh, I love you, Ocean!
Okay, after the ocean we ended up seeing a movie, The Hangover, which was funny but totally inappropriate! And then we had awesome, awesome sushi at a place down the street from our hotel. Oh how I love the sushi!

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