Sunday, July 12, 2009

More Weddings! But this one was out of town...

Well it was another exciting wedding weekend for us! This wedding happened to be out of town, in a nice little place called Little Falls, Minnesota. Many of my loyal readers have heard of it as one of our good friends is from that fair city. It seemed like a charming little place, and we actually enjoyed our short visit.

Of course we were there for a wedding, so we spent our first day in town being pretty and watching a wedding ceremony and eating cake. The ceremony was in a lovely little church that was absolutely gorgeous on the inside.

The ceremony itself was really fantastic! The music was amazing, and the priest even read lists that the bride and groom made of the things that they love about each other. It was really cute. The reception was also very nice; I was particularly fond of the cake-topper, which they didn't actually put on top of the cake.

It was a long night for me since I hadn't gotten much sleep the night before, so I was happy to collapse into bed at 11:30. We got up early the next morning because we had BIG plans... we went to the zoo! Yes, there is a zoo in Little Falls! It's called the Pine Grove Zoo and it's very small but very nice. They have a rather strange selection of animals. They have exactly one pronghorn antelope and one emu and they are in the same cage and appear to be best friends.

Cute, huh? I wouldn't mind having an emu friend if I were stuck in a zoo. There was one especially exciting exhibit at this zoo, which I'm going to post about tomorrow because it's so special it really deserves its own post.
After the zoo we had a little time to kill before lunch and so we stopped by the Lindbergh House and Charles A. Lindbergh State Park.

The house and museum were closed, so we made our way to lunch with some friends and then hit the road at about 1. We were unfortunate enough to get stuck in the traffic coming back on I-94. Ugh. We went about three miles in forty-five minutes. In fact, we saw a sign for a rest area in two miles and I thought to myself "Oh too bad I won't need the rest area in two miles." But sure enough, half an hour later when we reached the rest area I sure needed it. We ended up getting off the freeway and using the county roads to get back to the city. It was kind of a long drive, but good practice for our honeymoon, I guess.
Okay, come back tomorrow for a SUPER exciting post about the special exhibit at the zoo!!! I'm even going to post a video if my internet connection allows it!

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