Thursday, July 2, 2009


Stayed up way too late last night doing a puzzle. Oh man, I love puzzles. I think I get it from my Grandma. We have a rather large collection of puzzles on top of the entertainment center downstairs and they've been tempting me for days now. I finally pulled one down at about 8:30 while we were watching Star Wars Episode III.

And then I stayed up past midnight to finish the stupid thing. I get so addicted to these puzzles. Usually I'm not even enjoying it by the end but I'm in some sort of manic puzzles-completing phase that I can't stop.

Then I got up this morning and played piano for a couple of hours.

I took piano lessons for about ten years back in my youth, and I really miss having regular access to a piano in my adult life. Sadly, most of my best music was in New York City and was packed up and put into storage. But my mother has a large collection of the music I played as a teenager so I found some old favorites and tried to get my fingers reaccustomed to quick movements across piano keys.

My fingers are out of shape, though. Isn't that sad, that fingers can be out of shape? They can type faster than Superman but when it comes to doing long runs up and down the piano keys they just can't handle it anymore. And my thumb is especially lazy since all he ever has to do on the keyboard is press the space bar. Well, guess what, Mr. Thumb, you have much bigger job to do on the piano and you better get yourself in shape!

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