Thursday, July 23, 2009

In the midst of weddings, a birthday.

Our niece C has her birthday on the same day as my sister in California. It makes it very easy to remember both of them! C turned 2 this year, which was more exciting for the family than for her since she's still a little young to understand what a birthday is. All she knew is that lots of people were taking pictures of her and for some reason her mother wanted her to rip pretty paper off of things.

She had a cake, of course, a nice green colored one. It looks kind of radioactive, doesn't it? It was funfetti though, and I love funfetti. It was quite tasty.

For C's birthday, her mother requested that we not buy any toys or "stuff" for her, so a few of us went in together and purchased a membership to the zoo for the entire family. We still wanted C to have something to open, and B had a brilliant idea - animal crackers!

He purchased a nice bag of animal crackers and wrapped it up along with the notification of the zoo membership. It ended up being a hit. C mostly received clothes for her birthday, and the animal crackers were one of the few things that she could actually enjoy.
It was a very cute birthday, and reminded me of how exciting birthdays are when you're a very small child. Although I guess I can't say mine aren't exciting as an adult since I sure did get funfetti cake for my last birthday! Thanks, B!

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