Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Weddings, Weddings, Everywhere

Well we had another wedding last weekend, this one was in the Twin Cities area so we didn't have a long drive, nor any new zoos to explore. It was, however, at a place I had never been before, Centennial Lakes Park in Edina. It's a really gorgeous little park with cute apartment buildings on one side, a mini-golf course, a little shopping mall, and an amphitheater for weddings plus a very nice pavilion for receptions.

You can see the amphitheater's tent-like covering in the picture above. It was, unfortunately, really cloudy that day, but it didn't rain. Thankfully, grey days are better for pictures anyway so I think D and G will be pleased that it wasn't too sunny on their wedding day.

One of the best parts of the wedding was the dessert! Instead of the typical cake they had tiny little cheesecake slices! They were both adorable, AND delicious. I liked the chocolate cheesecake best, in case you can't tell from the picture below.

And then there was, of course, dancing into the night. B and I even did a little dancing. I also managed to snap this cool picture of someone's foot walking into the dance floor. This is what happens when you refuse to use your camera's flash in dark places.

Cool, huh? It was a great wedding, and we enjoyed seeing some old friends that we've been neglecting. Now we've got a few weekends off before our next wedding, a particularly exciting one at the end of August...

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