Monday, July 13, 2009

Pine Grove Zoo: PRAIRIE DOGS!

So the whole reason that we went to the zoo in Little Falls was because we had heard a rumor that the zoo had rodents in residence. In particular, prairie dogs.

Now, some of you might know that prairie dogs are actually a type of ground squirrel. Yes, ground squirrels! This blog has tended to focus on tree squirrels, but I also have great affection for ground squirrels. In fact, I think that if I were a squirrel, I would be a ground squirrel.

Anyway, the prairie dogs were HILARIOUS. Their cage was basically just an open pit of dirt, but they sure kept themselves busy with all that dirt! Many of them were digging, especially the baby prairie dogs (who were absolutely adorable... I wanted to steal one). Some of the were eating, and there was also some cleaning and snuggling going on between the adults. Best of all, you could buy prairie dog snacks and FEED them! And so we did! I think we spent at least twenty minutes at the prairie dog exhibit. We're super cool.
Oh, and there was one little prairie dog who thought he could escape his exhibit! B was smart enough to take some video of it. Enjoy! I know I did!


  1. that video was so cute

  2. i knew those ground hog enclosures looked familiar! looks like you guys enjoyed the best there is to offer of little falls, i wish i could have been there to show you the off the beaten track stuff too. oh well, another day!