Saturday, June 6, 2009

Life in the Suburbs!

So B and I have been living in New York City for almost three years now. As I've mentioned before, living in New York City is a very particular experience, very different from living anywhere else in the country. One of the things we've finally grown accustomed to is that many stores and restaurants, large and small, do not accept credit or debit cards, only cash. So we use our cards when we can, but cash has become a large part of our lives.

But we're in the suburbs now, and things are different (better). We were thrilled to discover that in the suburbs you can even use your credit card at the vending machine!

Isn't it amazing! Sadly, when we tried to use it it wouldn't work. But B was so excited. I even got a picture of his face and he looks like he just won the lottery. It was really disappointing when we had to use cash after all (what is this, New York?!?!), but still...

I should probably be doing more posts about how incredibly different it is to finally live outside of Manhattan. I'm sure things like this will come up more frequently. But it's really funny how almost every night B and I have long discussions about how wide the grocery store aisles are, how fresh the air is, and how inexpensive everything is. This is a totally crazy world.


  1. I'm amused, Casey-san. Seriously, seriously amused.

  2. Know what else they have in the suburbs? FREE REFILLS!!!! Adam can vouch that nothing makes me angrier than the fact that NYC does not give free refills.

  3. OH YEAH, FREE REFILLS! That is definitely something NYC lacks that the rest of the world has!

  4. hey casey :]] its Hailey... i dident know you had a blog so i thought i would check it out. you missed was actully warm, for minnesota at least. the girls where adorable. chuck was happy that there was candy and really got the hang of it.

    hope to come to nyc soon
    <3 you and b-face