Monday, June 15, 2009


Well I was away from the Internet for a bit and haven't had a chance to post in a few days. We went to B's family cabin in Wisconsin for the weekend. We haven't been there in about three years (basically since we moved to New York City) and I was very, very excited to get back to nature a bit.

The cabin is on a very nice wooded lake with tons of squirrels and birds and rabbits and deer. We spent some time on the beach, and I even got a little sun. There are all sorts of interesting little shells on their beach.

There are also frogs and toads in the area who like to hang out under the docks. At one point we (the kids and I) managed to catch a toad. He was very cute.

And B and I took a long walk in the woods on Sunday. It's amazing how many little cabins are up there and so many little dirt driveways. I suspect that many of these families have owned land in this area for a couple generations or more.

Also while we were up there I took advantage of the time to put my coloring skills back into action. One of the nieces has these awesome new twistable crayola crayons which basically prevent you from breaking the crayons or from having that stupid crayon label paper all over the place. I found some squirrel pictures and colored them and put them on our bedroom door. Then I told the nieces that our room was the squirrel room and only squirrels were allowed in there. One of them really got into it and announced to almost everyone who entered the cabin that that room was a squirrel room only for squirrels. It was cute.

Of course one of the things I'm learning about kids this summer is that if you are involved in some sort of project they are going to want to be involved in that same project too. So the coloring and the decorating of the squirrel room door quickly got out of control.

B and I ended up staying an extra day without the family, which was really, really nice. We went out to the beach at sunset and set up our camp chairs and had a drink while we watched the sun set. At one point a pontoon boat floated by with a guy playing accordion! It was really funny, and we clapped for him when he finished a song.
It was great to get out in the middle of nowhere for a bit and enjoy some quiet and some nature, even if I did find a tick crawling on my leg last night. Eww.

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