Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Rambling Post About Rain

Well it's been raining here for about four days straight. It's very difficult for me to wake up completely when it's so grey outside. Our bedroom here is in the basement but has a big window out to the pond and gets really great light in the morning. In some ways I hate it because it makes it impossible to sleep in on the weekends. But I'm also enjoying feeling a little bit like a morning person and actually getting up before 9 on the weekends. We even made it to church last Sunday!

But as I said, that doesn't really work when it's so grey out. But the rain out here is nice. In New York City when it rains it just smells like wet garbage and sewage overflow. Seriously, rain in New York does NOT smell good, nor does it seem to clean the city up at all. But rain in the suburbs smells so happy and clean! And it seems to clear up some of the algae in the lakes around here. The pond out back is much cleaner now than when we fell in a week ago.

Also, I've noticed that the water animals like to stay closer to land when it rains, and this little mallard has been hanging out on our dock pretty consistently. I love ducks. When I was little my dream was to be reincarnated as a duck because they could swim, walk, and fly. What could be better than having all three modes of transportation available to you? Anyway, it makes me a little sad that this guy doesn't seem to have a mate. Is he a jerk duck? Just unlucky in love? Recently dumped and nursing his emotional wounds? I wish we knew, but he sure looks forlorn out there, doesn't he? Poor little guy.

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