Thursday, June 11, 2009

A Walk Through Nature

B and I went for a little walk today in a sculpture garden in our suburb. It was wonderful! There were bunny tracks and deer tracks and all sorts of moss everywhere. Seriously, people, I am so enthralled by nature these days it's just ridiculous. Every little bug that lands on our window, every little animal that waddles by... I'm entranced. You can tell I've really been deprived of nature for the past three years.

So this sculpture garden was very interesting. There were lots of stone and concrete sculptures. This one of a rodent family was one of my favorites.

There was also a nice view of the Minneapolis skyline. It seems so small, doesn't it? And look at all those trees in between us and the city... sigh... how nice. You could also see the dome of the Cathedral of Saint Paul, but I think I neglected to include it in this shot.

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