Monday, June 22, 2009

Summer Wedding Extravaganza 2009, Part I

We're attending a lot of weddings this summer. B is attending all six weddings and I am only going to five, but still... that's a lot of weddings! Luckily, we really enjoy going to weddings so we're excited about it, but man... I don't think we could handle another wedding this summer.

The first of six weddings was last Saturday. The ceremony happened to take place in the church attached to the Catholic school B attended as a child. It was nice to experience a little piece of his childhood. Also, the church is gorgeous. Of course it's difficult for us mere mortals to get good pictures of it, but we tried.

It was a nice, simple Catholic ceremony, minus the Eucharist, which is nice because as a dirty Lutheran I'm not allowed to participate in Catholic communion. The music was lovely.

The reception took place a bit outside of the Cities at this cute old farmhouse. It was really a lovely site! They set up a big tent and we all ate outside and walked along the river and even played in the playground at one point. And they were serving my favorite beer, Summit!

I really should've gotten a picture of my plate of food. They had Buca di Beppo do the catering and it was amazing. Definitely the best food I've ever had at a wedding. I was very, very happy.

And then we danced into the night! They decorated a nearby gazebo and put the DJ in there and that was really nice. I wish had taken a better photograph of it, but by the time it was dark I had been enjoying my Summit beer for about six hours so... yeah... the last set of pictures on my camera are not so good.

All in all, it was a wonderful wedding! We took the opportunity to have a night alone together and stayed at the nearby hotel that evening. It was a really nice night, and a great way to kick off our wedding season!

B is headed to another wedding next weekend, but I'm heading back home to the Inland Empire for a family reunion and then a quick trip to San Francisco to torment my sister some more. I'm really looking forward to it, although I'll miss B. Hopefully I'll get some good blog posts out of my adventures out west, so you can look forward to those!

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  1. You should have mentioned that the mashed potatoes tasted like pizza. PIZZA! I never thought that some ground up root from some frail old plant could taste so good.