Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Graduation is almost here!

They started setting up the main campus of Columbia University in preparation for graduation about a week ago. They start early, but for good reason because it's a big job! The entire main campus is filled with faculty, stuents, and families on the big graduation day. Not to mention that each school has its own graduation ceremony in the days before and after the university day, so it's a pretty intense week of celebration. Here you can see they've already got faculty seating placed on the steps of Low Library. On either side beyond the frame of this picture there are huge bleachers going up for the graduates.

I've seen Columbia University do this set-up and tear-down for graduation twice now. This is the third time, and it's obviously much more exciting now because my B is graduating this year and we'll actually get to see the ceremony and sit in the big tents for the families! And it will probably be horribly boring when we're actually suffering through the ceremony in 89% humidity, but I'm still excited.

Columbia University is looking quite nice in general these days. Early summer looks good on it, especially before the heat rises too much and the whole places begins to reek of rotting garbage. But for now, the intense green of the trees on the campus walk is really quite stunning. This photo does not do it justice.

Sadly, it is finals time for the both of us so my enjoyment of the little things in life is generally... not happening. But I do intend to enjoy some Iliad later today, and maybe some sushi too.

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