Monday, May 4, 2009

Squirrel Stuff I Own: Squirrel Nutcracker

This squirrel nutcracker was a gift from some close family friends at my bridal shower last summer. Boy do they know me! I would also like to note that this was not a typical bridal shower. Not only were there men in attendance, there were lots of strawberry daiquiris and any oohing and aahing that was done over presents was done in an ironic way. Thanks for the not-lame bridal shower, Mom and Mrs. Sanderson!

Anyway, I don't actually crack nuts with this thing, clearly. Mostly because the nuts in this house are always pre-cracked. But he has made a wonderful little bookend for the second layer of books on this particular shelf. His little tail moves up and down to work the cracking mechanism in his mouth, and from time to time I find myself playing with it. While this may be the least-cuddly of all the squirrel stuff I've shown you so far, I think this might actually be the classiest squirrel item I own, and I intend for him to have a prominent spot in our kitchen next year.

And I just noticed that there is a very interesting selection of books hidden behind his tail. Quite a range! In fact, I see The Hot Zone is in there. That was one of my very favorite books back in middle school, and made me want to be a virologist for many years. Now that would be some job security during this swine flu hysteria!

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  1. I went to a lecture by Richard Preston once, and he talked about all that virology stuff. That's the only time I wished I liked biology.

    Also, your squirrel nutcracker is the bomb.