Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Parental Visit: Day Three

Oh man, today was a big day.

We started out with a small luncheon for the law school graduates, which was a lot smaller and less fancy than I had expected. Also they served us Red Delicious apples, which are the most disgusting apples known to man. But I'm a big girl and I can deal, and I finally got to meet Mama B and Papa M, and Sister B and even some grandparents of L, so that was exciting. (My habit of abbreviating names is not as efficient as I had hoped, is it?)

After the luncheon we headed to Times Square to find some Broadway tickets at the TKTS booth. I found this funny little Latin inscription next to us while we were standing in line. It's cute but I wonder why they put it on the water meter cover and not on something a little more... grand?

After acquiring tickets for Guys and Dolls we headed to the Empire State Building. Brandon and I haven't been to the top since our first September here. It's a much different experience when you actually know what buildings you're looking at! We paid the extra money to go to the 102nd floor, which we all agreed was well worth the extra cash. Although it's not open air like the other observation deck, it does give you a much more expansive view and it's not crowded at all. I took this picture of East Midtown with the shadow of the Empire State Building in it. Pretty cool.

We were a little too slow at the Empire State Building, so we ended up practically running to our 7:00 show at the Nederlander Theatre. I had seen Guys and Dolls before at Macalester, and had enjoyed it there, but obviously this experience was on a totally different level. Lauren Graham (from Gilmore Girls) was in it, and we got to meet her briefly outside the theater afterward.

Now my feet are all torn up from wearing heels all day, but luckily we get to sit for hours during the big university commencement in about an hour. And I need to go get ready for that...

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  1. So, are you going to tell us what the Latin means, or what?