Monday, May 18, 2009

Parental Visit: Day One

B's parents showed up for graduation late on a Saturday night. So late, in fact, that we barely got home before midnight and all basically collapsed into bed rather than try to do any cool New York City sorts of things.

So after sleeping in quite a bit (we were all exhausted) we headed out for a look around our neighborhood. Set up for graduation has continued at a quick pace, and they're almost ready for the big day on Wednesday. Check out the bleachers for the graduates and the tents for the families below. It's like the circus has come to town.

We made our way down into the Upper West Side where we ran into a street fair that seemed to go on forever. B was hoping to find deep-fried Oreos, but didn't. I was hoping to find cheap sunglasses that aren't as big as a dinner plate, but that's pretty much impossible these days.

After the street fair we made our way down to Grand Central, and then a nice long walk through Bryant Park to Times Square. Times Square was, of course, filled with people, although less busy than normal. That was pretty much all that our tired selves could handle, so we came home. B and I had an event to attend, and the 'rents had some relaxing to do. We're not sure about our plans for today, though, so we'll see what happens. We have two full days of graduation stuff happening in the middle of the week so we're trying to fit all the city stuf in today.
Oh, and one of the best parts of yesterday was a squirrel at Columbia who was very interested in me. We flirted a little bit, but I think he just wanted to use me for my food.

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