Sunday, May 24, 2009

Parental Visit: Days Five, Six, Seven, and Eight

Alright, I've taken a small break from blogging, mostly because we've been out of town and away from Internet access for a few days. The last few days were pretty full, but I've slowly stopped taking pictures as it becomes more and more tiring each day.

Day Five was the law school graduation, which was far more pleasant than the big university commencement. We were in tents! And I got to sit next to my good friend T and my good friend S and and my good friend N's family so it was all just lots of good friendly love. Then after three receptions we ended the day by giving B his graduation presents. I got him a lovely map of Saint Paul from 1891, nicely framed. Ignore the cardboard edging in this picture... we're packing this baby up tomorrow and didn't think it was worth it to take off the cardboard.
Day Six was a crazy day. We got up early and headed down to Battery Park to go see Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty. It was incredibly hot and crowded and I was quite grumpy. Brandon did most of the pictures that day, and he got this good shot of the Financial District as we were leaving Manhattan.

I know everyone has seen pictures of the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island before so I'm not going to bother to post those. In the Ellis Island Museum I found this interesting display of pamphlets advertising Minnesota in a selection of Scandinavian languages and English. I thought that was cool.

So then the crazy part of Day Six... we got on the train and went to Philadelphia!

Day Seven we woke up in Philly and had a pretty full day in the historical section of the city. We took a tour of Independence Hall and saw where they wrote and signed the Declaration of Independence and also where all the branches of the government met during the first years after our nation's birth.
We also managed to try Philly Cheesesteak and eat some ice cream. And after a short nap in the hotel (During which I watched part of the Jon & Kate Plus 8 marathon on TLC! Yay TV!), we went to the City Tavern where they had a selection of beer supposedly made by the old popular recipes around the time of the American Revolution. I tried Alexander Hamilton's "Treasury Ale" and also Thomas Jefferson's famous beer.

Today is Day Eight, also the last day of the parental visit. We got up early and got our butts on the train back to New York City. Once again, no pictures. Seriously, people, I can only take pictures for so many days before I snap (ha ha, it's a pun). And don't get me started on posing for pictures. I hate posing for pictures. So much.

The Super Shuttle is coming to pick up B's parents in about a half hour, so I better go finish with our visiting. We've got lots of packing to do tomorrow and then we're moving out the next day, but I'm hoping to get some blogging done in that time. I still have some squirrel things to feature!

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  1. It always amuses me to see that it was apparently mandatory to write anything and everything in the German language using a fraktur font as if it were a distinct alphabet.

    Also, one of my Catalan architects did the vaulting in the main hall of Ellis island. It's an international Catalan nationalist conspiracy of brickwork and tiles!