Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Squirrel Stuff I Own: Awesome Squirrel Shirt

So the first thing you're probably all asking yourselves is, "Why in the world does Casey not wear this squirrel shirt more frequently?" The truth is that I don't ever wear it, and had completely forgotten that I owned it until I started going through my clothes last week as part of my pre-moving organizing.

This is from my friend C, whose mother was mentioned in a post below as the excellent cook who bought me the stuffed squirrel ornament. Apparently they share a genetic predisposition to buying squirrel things for their weird squirrel-obsessed friends! I believe I got this from C for my last birthday and I also think I cried a little when I opened up the package. B was very impressed too. He loves it when we have extra squirrel stuff around (ha ha).

But wow, this shirt rocks, doesn't it? It has not one, but two squirrels, and they are even sharing an acorn. Of course out in the real world squirrels would never share any sort of food. They haven't invented socialism yet, nor do I think they will. It's every squirrel for himself out there, guys.

Anyway, I am making a commitment to actually wear this shirt from time to time over the summer, so if you see me in June or July and I am not wearing this shirt you should admonish me and make me go home and change or at least produce photographic evidence that I have worn the shirt recently.

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