Thursday, May 21, 2009

Parental Visit: Day Four

Yesterday was the giant university commencement! We had to scurry over and get seats at 8:40 AM, but the actual ceremony didn't even start until about 11 AM. Of course, they had to get all of the graduates seated and that took about an hour. Seriously, an hour. Poor B didn't even get a good spot - all he could see was the granite wall in front of him!

There was not a cloud in the sky and the sun was very intense, so about a half hour into the ceremony we ran for the shade. We hung out there for a bit until they did the conferring of degrees on the law grads. It's such a big event that we couldn't see the speaker and had to watch him on the giant screen. Here is the dean of the law school asking the president of the university to give the law students their degrees.

After the commencement B picked up his diploma, and we attended a reception (with champagne!). And then we had more New York City excitement, as we went to the Burger Joint for lunch!

After that we rode a carriage through Central Park, and then walked around in FAO Schwartz and Tiffany's, and then hit Rockefeller Center and Saint Patrick's Cathedral. And then we were exhausted.
We have the real law school graduation today, which will be much smaller and nicer, so that's exciting. And there will be about five receptions for us to attend afterward, but that will be cool. Hopefully there will be champagne!

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  1. You guys are champions -- I can't believe how much New York stuff you crammed into this week, along with graduation and moving and all that baloney. Well done. Hope Philly is excellent.