Friday, May 29, 2009

New View

Well as most of you know, the New York City Squirrel is currently not in New York City and won't be for another five months! So don't expect any interesting city posts from this point onward. I did want to take a moment to note the change in environment. We're out in the suburbs of the Twin Cities right now and there are things like TREES and GEESE and BUNNIES and even some natural prairie! Observe, the view from our livingroom/diningroom/kitchen in New York City.

Nice, huh? Sometimes there would be maintenance guys out on that roof in the mornings, which was always weird. Really, this is a pretty good view for New York City since we can actually see above the building next to us.

This is our current view from the dining room of B's parent's house.

Yeah, a little different! You can't even see any other houses from the dining room! And there is a major road right next to the house but it's actually really quiet, at least compared to the chaos of New York City. So yeah, it's really nice that I can walk right outside without running down five flights of stairs or waiting forever for the elevator. And it's nice I can walk straight out onto some nice grass with bare feet and just enjoy it and not have to share it with a billion people. Ah, the suburbs... such a wonderful place!

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