Monday, May 25, 2009

Squirrel Stuff I Own: Squirrel Book

A few birthdays ago, B was out shopping for books for me. He correctly went to the wildlife section where he found this little gem! Squirrels: The Animal Answer Guide was written by Richard Thorington Jr., the curator of mammals at the Smithsonian.

This book is awesome. It takes a question-and-answer format, and the questions are fantastic. One of my favorites is, "How are squirrels incorporated into literature?" This book has taught me that the world's largest squirrels live in Kazakhstan (E is working on getting a picture for me...) and that squirrels rotate their hind legs in order to climb down trees and biologists have yet to figure out exactly how they do it. This is a book I get off the shelf at least once a month either to check a fact or just do a little pleasure reading.

Okay, all you squirrel fans out there, I've got just one more squirrel item to feature in this series and it's a doozy! Come back tomorrow (as I know you will) to experience the ultimate in fuzzy squirrel pleasure.

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